My first skydive jump was a great experience

When I laid my eyes on the airport for the first time and saw all the men and women folding their parachutes and putting on their harnesses I realized that this is it. I am actually going to jump out of a plane. I could immediately feel the blood rushing in my veins. The airport was what I expected it to be, a small and compact place but that is all that I could ask at that moment. My mind was up there where my body would soon come down with immense speed.

As we watched the safety briefing on the DVD things seemed very calm and clear. I realized that I don’t actually have to do anything other than enjoy the ride! And of course follow the instructor’s orders. Before we put on our harnesses we ate chocolate bars and biscuits to ensure that our blood sugar level doesn’t get too low during the jump.

About 20 minutes before takeoff we met our instructors. They were great personalities with a good sense of humor! They assisted in every step of the way as we put on the jumpsuits and safety equipment. There was no time for doubt as we rushed to the plane. As the plane gained more altitude the instructors kept the mood high also! 10000 feet is a lot higher than I expected! In the plane we did our last safety inspections and preparations for the jump.

When the door opened all I could think of was the long fall ahead. Nothing else mattered. I was the first one to jump. Despite that fact I felt as comfortable as possible concerning the circumstances. I sat on the edge of the plane looking down on the clouds. And then it happened, my instructor gave me a gentle push and off we went. I could instantly feel the coldness. Acceleration was something I had never experienced! All I was able to do was to scream like a little girl! We reached the clouds fast and when we flew through them the scenery was breathtaking! It was something I couldn’t have even dreamed of.

I could feel a strong jerk as the parachute opened. Suddenly everything seemed quiet and peaceful. My instructor loosened up the harness a bit in order to give me more space to move. It’s an interesting feeling when you suddenly drop 10cm from the guy your life depends on! I was allowed to steer the parachute which was great! The world spins in your eyes and you just want more! We approached the airport where we had taken off and the instructor took over. We went through the landing position once again and prepared for landing. Although we approached the ground fast the landing was smooth due to the experience of the instructor! Overall my first jump was a great experience! I got addicted with only one try!

Aleksi, June 6, 2010 (Video)