Base Flying in Berlin am Alexanderplatz

Beim Base Flying in Berlin erlebt man nahezu Freifallgeschwindigkeit (180 km/h) ehe man knapp 15 Meter über dem Boden sanft abgebremst wird. Der Flug, der in einer Höhe von 150 Meter über den Dächern von Berlin startet, selbst hat eine Länge von 98 Metern. Ehe die Base Flyer Instructors den nächsten Passagier anzählen und die Höllenfahrt beginnt, kann man noch die wunderschöne Aussicht auf den Alexanderplatz und den „Alex“ (Fernsehturm in Berlin) genießen. Vor allem in der Dämmerung oder in der Nacht macht dieser Adrenalin-Kick unheimlich viel Spaß.

Skydiving in Thalmässing

My cousin, Karin was joking when she told me about skydiving. I wasn’t. I yelled: “Yes of course!” And so the planning began. I managed to get another good friend, Aleksi to join my cousin and I, so I booked the tickets to fly to Munich 2 months later due to school and travelling. During the 2 months I forgot about how anxious I feel about skydiving.

We were to start driving at 8am to Colibri Skydiving in  Thalmässing. I didn’t know what to expect out of this actually. So I always thought that it was just flying gracefully like a bird. I was pretty excited to gain an experience like that as my best friend also went for skydiving in Melbourne, Australia a year ago. She didn’t want to spoil the fun for me, so she just briefly told me that it was just like flying.

As we arrived at Thalmässing, I rushed out of the car to see the other people who were already in the air with their pretty colourful parachutes. I couldn’t wait to get to the plane. In the mean time I hear Karin trying to hide her fears and explain how she will survive the ordeal. Once in a while she will get a little angry at me for saying yes to her joking request to skydive. We sat in a corner of the small house to watch a video about safety and professional sky divers doing formations. The 3 of us were thinking what formation to do afterwards. Well, it didn’t happen.

When we were next to experience this awesome free falling, we were putting on our cream coloured jumpsuits and black helmets, and each of our instructors already taking videos of us. The quote of the day was “No smile, no skydive!” The funny thing was that we were rushed to get to the plane as we were behind the schedule. So we were the only batch of sky divers who had to sprint with our tight harnesses and jumpsuits, and it enhanced the adrenaline rush in us. I was getting more and more pumped up to jump, while my Karin started babbling a lot, half the time saying how scared it was and it was all my fault. It was hilarious how the colour of my cousin’s face was turning white, while Aleksi’s face was turning green! I was just smiling all the way for the camera. I had to look good for my video you see!

It was 10000 feet and we were way above the clouds already. It was drop time! Aleksi was the first to jump off the plane, without much emotions, probably was a little too scared already. I was next in line, with my instructor, Johannes tied right behind me. I took one foot out, with the other knee on the plane. As soon as I held my harness, I got to thinking: “Oh my, I’m falling off” Johannes held my head close to him and we took off. I realised my heart was still in the plane as we flew down! I tried to scream but all the air seemed to have taken my entire mouth. I couldn’t control my mouth movements at all. The next thing I knew, Johannes was turning me in 360 deg, in almost every direction! So I saw the plane again, and the sky was below my feet, above my head, even beside me. It was just so crazy and exhilarating! We shot through the clouds like a Bugatti on a road without speed limit. It was at least 10 to 15 seconds of free falling and spinning around before the parachute was opened. The flat lands and little bit of hills looked tiny beneath my feet. Immediately I was thinking when is the next time I was going to skydive again. I steered the parachute for a while and the right turn was faster than a turning corner on a roller coaster. It was something I couldn’t experience anyhow else. I only wished the experience lasted longer. When we were touching down, I had to lift my legs up to 90 deg while Johannes skilfully land on the big field. I couldn’t thank him enough! I want to take sky diving as my hobby from now on.

Xian, June 7, 2010

My first skydive jump was a great experience

When I laid my eyes on the airport for the first time and saw all the men and women folding their parachutes and putting on their harnesses I realized that this is it. I am actually going to jump out of a plane. I could immediately feel the blood rushing in my veins. The airport was what I expected it to be, a small and compact place but that is all that I could ask at that moment. My mind was up there where my body would soon come down with immense speed.

As we watched the safety briefing on the DVD things seemed very calm and clear. I realized that I don’t actually have to do anything other than enjoy the ride! And of course follow the instructor’s orders. Before we put on our harnesses we ate chocolate bars and biscuits to ensure that our blood sugar level doesn’t get too low during the jump.

About 20 minutes before takeoff we met our instructors. They were great personalities with a good sense of humor! They assisted in every step of the way as we put on the jumpsuits and safety equipment. There was no time for doubt as we rushed to the plane. As the plane gained more altitude the instructors kept the mood high also! 10000 feet is a lot higher than I expected! In the plane we did our last safety inspections and preparations for the jump.

When the door opened all I could think of was the long fall ahead. Nothing else mattered. I was the first one to jump. Despite that fact I felt as comfortable as possible concerning the circumstances. I sat on the edge of the plane looking down on the clouds. And then it happened, my instructor gave me a gentle push and off we went. I could instantly feel the coldness. Acceleration was something I had never experienced! All I was able to do was to scream like a little girl! We reached the clouds fast and when we flew through them the scenery was breathtaking! It was something I couldn’t have even dreamed of.

I could feel a strong jerk as the parachute opened. Suddenly everything seemed quiet and peaceful. My instructor loosened up the harness a bit in order to give me more space to move. It’s an interesting feeling when you suddenly drop 10cm from the guy your life depends on! I was allowed to steer the parachute which was great! The world spins in your eyes and you just want more! We approached the airport where we had taken off and the instructor took over. We went through the landing position once again and prepared for landing. Although we approached the ground fast the landing was smooth due to the experience of the instructor! Overall my first jump was a great experience! I got addicted with only one try!

Aleksi, June 6, 2010 (Video)

Bodyflying in NRW

Wahnsinn, ich dachte das klappt nie. Aber der Bodyflying-Anbieter in NRW bzw. Hückelhoven/ Mönchengladbach hat es tatsächlich geschafft und mich in die Luft befördert. Beziehungsweise die 1.000 PS starke Turbine, die mich von unten hoch geblasen hat.

Übrigens erhält man noch einen Körperanzug, der nicht nach Körpergröße, sondern nach Körpergewicht bemssen wird. Je schwerer die Person, desto größer der Anzug. Ich hatte den Größten. Eh. hinzu kommt ein Flieger Helm, Handschuhe, Schutz- oder Fliegerbrille. Wichtig ist, dass man alle Dinge wie Ringe, Schlüssel etc. vorher abgibt. Denn wenn diese aus der Hosentasche fallen, dann sind das richtige Fluggeschosse. Bei einem Kollegen hat sich der Turnschuhe aus der Bodyfling Röhre verabschiedet. Erst gut 20 Meter in die Luft und dann auf dem Parkplatz nebenan gelandet.

Das war super. Mit ein wenig Hilfe des Bodyflying-Instruktors konnte ich mich sogar in der Luft halten. Das Schwierige daran ist, im Zentrum des Luftstoms zu bleiben. Hierzu hantiert man mit Armen und Beinen und stößt sich von unsichtbaren Luftwänden ab. Schwierig deshalb, weil die Turbine den Luftstrom nicht gerade nach oben blässt, sondern Rotor bedingt eben verwirbelt. Nicht einfach das.

Wer’s selbst mal Fliegen und sich wie ein Vogel fühlen möchte, der sollte mal bei Indoor Skydiving von Jochen Schweizer vorbeischauen.